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Improving irrigation efficiency

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Moving and pressurising water requires a lot of energy. As a result irrigation is the major energy user in growing vegetables. For most growers, improving productivity, i.e. increasing the revenue for the amount of energy used, is more important to the bottom-line than simply improving the energy efficiency and reducing energy costs. Managing irrigation well [...]

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Shopping around for cheaper energy

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power lines2

In addition to potential savings through improving energy efficiency, there are changes occurring in the energy marketplace that can also reduce costs. The electricity market is currently undergoing reform to introduce greater flexibility and transparency under the National Energy Customer Framework. The aim of this national reform is to ensure customers have consistent information on [...]

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Only a few years ago the majority of Australian beetroot was grown for processing. As the processing industry has declined, so has the amount of beetroot grown, although increased demand for fresh beetroot has provided some benefit. Total production is now estimated at approximately 36kt / year, with a value of up to $10-$14million. Hybrid [...]

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