Managing and understanding climate


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SILO is a database of about 120 years of continuous daily weather records for Australia, which includes:

  • Rainfall
  • Temperatures (minimum and maximum)
  • Radiation
  • Evaporation
  • Vapour pressure

The records are based mainly on observed data, with interpolation where there are data gaps. SILO data is up-to-date (near real time), in formats useful for farmers, researchers and policy-makers and is a data source for seasonal climate models and environmental forecasting models.

SILO includes climate data from around 3,800 Bureau of Meteorology stations across Australia. This data is then combined to produce a 5km grid with a total of 350,000 grid squares.

The user can enter a location (by nearest weather station) and a date range. The data can be delivered in a range of formats, suitable for input into programs such as Rainman. It should be noted that there are no projections or predictions, it is simply a data set of previous records.

SILO data is available by subscription through the Bureau of Meteorology website.