Regional predictions


Changes in temperature and rainfall

Both maximum and minimum temperatures are expected to increase by 0.6-1.3°C, with increases fairly uniform across the year. Days above 40°C are projected to increase from 1.3 to 2.0 days annually.  Rainfall is likely to decrease by 2-24% with spring rain the most affected.

werribee temperature and rainfall

 Potential effects on crops

  • Winter brassica crops may benefit from warmer temperatures but the season will be shorter
  • Head lettuce development during winter may be improved
  • Werribee relies on a mixture of surface, ground and recycled water for irrigation, with water quality a significant issue. From 1997-2009 rainfall was 25% below average, increasing reliance on recycled water. Projections for 2035 are that annual rainfall will decrease by 2-14%, suggesting water will continue to be a critical issue

Click HERE for a table showing the effects of changes in average temperature of +1oC, +2oC, +3oC, +4oC as well as the impact of 5 days over 35oC for major crops grown in Werribee.

Note : These descriptions relate to the temperatures that the crops experience and not to changes in monthly average temperatures. An increase of 1oC in monthly average temperature can easily mean increases of 4oC or more on particular days.