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Vegetable growers are not required to report emissions under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) scheme.

However, some processors and suppliers to the industry may be liable. The NGER is administered by the Clean Energy Regulator, who provides a number of compliance tools on their website:

  • The Threshold estimator enables users to assess whether they are likely to be liable under the Clean Energy Act 2011 as well as whether a controlling corporation is likely to be obliged to report under the NGER Act 2007.
  • Solid waste calculator and user guide is used to assess greenhouse gas emissions from landfill operations.
  • NGER wastewater calculators are available for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. They aim to assess greenhouse gas emissions resulting from wastewater treatment.
  • Uncertainty calculators are used to assess and report uncertainty associated with scope 1 greenhouse gas emissions.